Simple Creative Twists to Tasty Summertime Staples

— At almost every cookout, picnic, and party during the summer you’ll find at least two commonplace food items: the hamburger and hotdog. If you look more closely, you might notice the traditional toppings of mustard, ketchup, cheese or relish – but rarely anything else. If you’re tired of the same old, boring burger or hot... Read More

Tips for Preventing Heat-Related Illness

— Stay Cool Wear Appropriate Clothing: Choose lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothing. Stay Cool Indoors: Stay in an air-conditioned place as much as possible. Even a few hours spent in air conditioning can help your body stay cooler when you go back into the heat. Taking a cool shower or bath or moving to an air-conditioned place... Read More

Meet the Staff

— Meet Dave, our Maintenance Director at Woodcrest. Dave started at Woodcrest in 2003 in the housekeeping department. He was there for a year and a half before moving into the dietary department. He worked in dietary for 2 years before he moved over to be the Maintenance assistant. He was the maintenance assistant for nine... Read More

Father’s Day Resident Highlight

— To Celebrate Father’s Day this month we wanted to do a resident highlight on Clarence. Clarence has been a resident at Woodcrest since 2017 and is loved by all in the building. He is here alongside his wife of 30 years, Virginia, his daughter, Kathy and his sister-in-law, JoAnn. Clarence worked as a paint chemist... Read More

Letter from the Administrator

— Hi! We have been blessed with NO COVID patients and staff and I would like to say thanks a bunch to all the staff for ensuring that we stay COVID FREE. The month of April and May have been great months and hopefully soon the restrictions allowing families in to see their love ones is... Read More

Father’s Day: June 21

— On Sunday, June 21, say “Happy Father’s Day” to all of the fathers in your life! Thank you, fathers, for all of your loving support and silly dad jokes. While the origin of the term “dad joke” is unknown, dad jokes are easily identified as being overly-simplistic and intended to provoke an exasperated reaction. A... Read More

Virtual Museum Tours

— Whether you enjoy traveling or are looking for something new to do during at-home social distancing, now is the time to take a “staycation” with a virtual museum tour! Experience a variety of cultures, education, and exploration of science, history, anthropology, and art of all types, including architecture, clothing, sculpture, painting, photography, mixed media and... Read More

Eat Healthy to Help Reduce Anxiety

— Due to necessary lifestyle requirements resulting from ever-changing health and safety guidelines, many people across the country are having to deal with significant anxiety. Anxiety is a normal reaction to change and stress, but when anxiety becomes excessive or irrational, it can become disabling. At this time, people often turn to food for comfort, causing... Read More

Meet The Staff

— Meet Christine, our Assistant Business Office Manager here at Woodcrest. Christine started here in July 2018 as part of an internship in the social services office that lasted 6 months. After her internship was completed Christine enjoyed working here so much, she decided to accept a full-time position in the business office. One of the... Read More

Activity Highlights

— We are still doing activities on a 1 to 1 basis in the resident rooms. Different activities include but are not limited to cards, nails, food, board games, coloring pages and different activity worksheets and hallway bingo. We are trying to keep it as normal as possible for the residents and making sure they are... Read More