Meet the Staff

— Meet Whitney, our staff development coordinator. Whitney is an LPN currently in school for her Bachelors in Nursing Degree. She will complete her degree in May. Outside of work Whitney loves to hang out with her husband Tim and two kids Braxton, and Raelynn. As a group they enjoy four wheeling, fishing, and going for... Read More

Success Story: Chuck

— “The people at Woodcrest were the best part of my stay” When you come to Woodcrest you probably have been greeted with a welcoming smile from Chuck, one of our short-term residents. Chuck said the friendliness of the staff and residents is what helped him recover so quickly. He also believes that the therapy staff... Read More

What’s Up With Woodford

— Woodford is doing much better now. His leg is almost fully healed. On top of this he is growing so fast! He is on a brief hiatus from the facility as he is helping with our newest Woodcrest member Noah.

Activity Updates

— As of right now, activities are on a 1 to 1 basis in the resident rooms. Different activities include but are not limited to cards, nails, food, board games, coloring pages and different activity worksheets. We are trying to keep it as normal as possible for the residents and making sure they are staying entertained... Read More

Letter from the Administrator

— In this troubling time with the COVID-19 virus we want to reiterate we are taking every step necessary to ensure the safety of all of our residents. These steps include: no visitors, pre-screening of staff before entry, screening residents routinely, utilizing personal protective equipment and more frequently deep cleaning of the facility.

Meet the Staff

— Meet Travis, our central supply clerk here at Woodcrest. Travis has been in the position for about 6 months now and has loved every second of it. Travis was unsure how he would feel about this job because he has never worked in the healthcare industry before. After about one week on the job he... Read More

What’s Up With Woodford?

— Woodford recently had an accident and broke his foot. We are working closely with the vet to make sure Woodford heals fast. While he is healing please help us refrain Woodford from jumping for him to heal quickly. Woodford loves attention so if you hear him barking do not be afraid, he just wants to... Read More

Success Story: Raymond D.

— Raymond has been with us for a few months now and is ecstatic with his results so far. When he first arrived he could not walk at all without a walker. He now walks perfectly fine with no assistance. He attributes this to our therapy department and our dietary department. Our therapy department helped with... Read More

Letter from the Administrator

— Springtime is almost here and with that comes spring cleaning! We want to remind residents to try and declutter and clean out closets to feel refreshed for the new season. Also, just a reminder please refrain from storing any items on window seals and/or the air conditioner.

Special Events

— St. Patrick’s Day is coming! The party will be held on St. Patrick’s Day this year at the facility. All family and friends are welcome to join. Appetizers will be provided and we will be playing different games and doing crafts related to St. Patrick’s Day. Please come and enjoy the fun!