Why Do We Celebrate The 4th Of July?

— July 4, 1776 is the day that the colonies decided to declare themselves independent of Great Britain. By writing a very detailed decree, they decided that they no longer would need to be governed by the King of England, who had treated colonists unjustly in the years before. Today, we celebrate the fact that we... Read More

Memory Jars

— Instead of keeping a journal or starting a scrap book, a memory jar is an alternative way to record summer nostalgia. If all the memories will not fit into one jar, you may want to make several for special days or outings that happened during the summer. You will need a large clear glass jar... Read More

Staff Highlights

— This month we are so excited to introduce you to one of our Certified Nursing Assistants, Dakota. Dakota has been with Woodcrest since June 2011. Prior to working at Woodcrest, he worked in customer service. He has always wanted to be a nurse since he was a kid and is currently working to fulfill that... Read More

Resident Highlight: Linda S.

— This month we are excited to introduce you to Linda S. She has been a resident with us a couple of times now and really loves it here at Woodcrest. Linda is so sweet, and everyone here loves her! A little bit about Linda. Linda is originally from Falmouth, KY but has lived in Butler,... Read More

Happy Birthday Wishes!

— Happy Birthday to our lovely Residents John J. July 03 Payton C. July 05 Mary S. July 12 Barbara K. July 23 Happy Birthday to our amazing Staff Justin T. July 01 Michelle R. July 10 Sierra D. July 17 Susan H. July 22 Linda W. July 22 Chasity G. July 23 Sarah T. July... Read More

Letter from the Administrator

— Hello Everyone! As you know, each week different restrictions are being lifted from the Governor. With that being said, nothing has changed within our facility as of now. We will still require all precautions and checks to be done upon entry and masks are required the entire time you are in the facility. We will... Read More

Letter from the Administrator

— Hello Everyone! It has been so nice to see so many faces in our building again! The residents are so happy visitation reopened. We celebrated National Nursing Home Week last month and it was a huge success! The residents and staff had a blast celebrating! As always, we will keep you updated with any guidance... Read More

Staff Highlight

— This month we are so excited to introduce you to our staff development coordinator, Caitlyn Lucas. Caitlyn has been with Woodcrest since September 2020. Prior to working at Woodcrest, she was in nursing school and graduated in 2019 from Beckfield College. Caitlyn first discovered her love of nursing when her grandmother was a resident at... Read More

Resident Highlight

— This month we are so excited to introduce you to Dorothy D. She is a new resident here for short term rehab. Dorothy has been such a bright light in our facility. The residents and staff have enjoyed getting to know her and she puts a smile on everyone’s face! She loves all the departments... Read More

Happy Birthday!

— Happy Birthday to our lovely Residents! Stella H. June 06 Ina R. June 06 Kori M. June 10 Nilda M. June 11 Marshall W. June 12 Gary B. June 15 Brenda B. June 17 James G. June 22 John B. June 26 Happy Birthday to our wonderful Staff! Patty H. June 01 Valerie H. June... Read More